Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was nothing short of amazing. It was full of love, and laughter, and food, and rain, and fog, and cuddles, and everything I hold dear. If it set the tone for the coming year, it's going to be a very, very good one, friends.

Highlights included:
*This book and this book from Hubs (along with a gorgeous, but too large, ring from Nervous System and a stunning, large, low, glazed hand-thrown ceramic plant pot).
*Hearty pancake breakfast at the Pisgah Inn (we were sat at the window, so we could watch the fast-rolling fog move by).
*Fog & rain-clad hike at Graveyard Fields (we powered through it and went all the way to the Upper Falls-so worth the deluge we experienced on the way back to the parking lot).
*Pretzels and cheese picked up at Pisgah Inn's country store for the rainy drive home.
*Gift certificates from family members that enabled me to score these lovely sandals I've had my eye on.
*A hot bath with my boy.
*My sister Devan fishtail braiding my hair.
*A homemade libation consisting of: Firefly mint vodka, Shrub and Co. ginger shrub, Izze's lemon & lime soda, lemon juice and fresh mint (recipe to come, I promise!).
*Local grass-fed beef burgers with homemade pimento cheese (the recipe will be in the new book!), my Persian pickles, and a corn/roasted red pepper/cilantro skillet side, courtesy of chef-extraordinnaire, Hubs.
*This cake, lovingly baked by my sweet, sweet sisters. Have mercy. I ate 3 slices (!!!), and then rolled myself off to bed.

It was simple, sweet, and grand. My idea of a perfect day.

If you want to see more from our hike at Graveyard Fields, go here.


Lisa Coffee said...

Happy Birthday fellow Canerian! Sounds like a lovely day.

Unknown said...

That cake looks gorgeous, I have to try that!

BAE said...

Oh, my heart just leapt when I saw the pics in the post and realized I'd just been there last week! We were spared the rain, but not the beauty. When I follow the link for more pics of the hike, nothing happens...?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Mine's today. It seems like many like-minded people were born this week. (I thin cold antler's is the 10th).

Anonymous said...

*think - argh.

Michele said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ashley!

Would love to hear what you think of the Tamar Adler book!



Apseed said...

Happy Birthday! Birthdays are always special because they help to see how far you have come and how far you still have to go. Wishing you wisdom for the rest of your life! [Unfortunately, I do not know the author of these words]

Unknown said...

Fantastic! I love when special days fall into place. That hike looked amazing and my jaw dropped at the burger! I am so interested in that first book you got. I'll be adding it my wish list for sure.

Happy Birthday!

Bonnie said...

wow! that truly does sound like a fantastic day! don't you just love it when you have those magical perfect days!!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect day. Birthdays rule! Glad it was lovely!

elisa said...

happy birthday. you and yours know how to make a celebration! x

Jenny Bartoy said...

Happy birthday Ashley!!! It sounds like a perfect, wonderful day.

Felish said...

Oh Graveyard Fields may be my favorite place in Pisgah. So many great memories there, starting with summer camp when I was just a young'un. Sounds like a perfect day indeed.

Felish said...

Oh Graveyard Fields may be my favorite place in Pisgah. So many great memories there, starting with summer camp when I was just a young'un. Sounds like a perfect day indeed.

Anonymous said...

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