Monday, December 8, 2008

Put A Little Tree In Your Yard

Christmas trees have long presented many a quandary for me. Buy a cut tree at Ikea and in exchange they plant 10? Done it. Keep a mature live tree indoors, only to have it slowly, sadly lose its needles? Old hat. Well, folks, this year, things are going to be different, and unprecedented! This year, I'm starting a new tradition. From here on out, my plan is to pick up several small potted trees each year, keep them properly watered and misted, and festooned with silvery whimsical things, and then plant them around my property at the end of the holiday season. I'm starting out with two Dwarf Alberta spruces and one Sea Green juniper. That way, I can enjoy the nobility and greenery of evergreen trees indoors without them having to sacrifice their lives. Instead, I'll treat them like house guests, accommodating their needs, and knowing that eventually they will move on. 
Since the little guys don't put off as much scent as their mature counterparts, each night I've been lighting a Aloha Bay  natural essential oil candle called, appropriately, "Christmas Tree." It's scented with fir balsam, white cedar, and musk and makes me feel like I felt on Christmas Eve when I was 8 years old and my mom played Barbara Streisand albums REALLY LOUD all night long to mask the sound of our whining-puppy-Christmas-Day-jackpot-present that was alone and scared in the garage. 

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Sarah Ryhanen said...

ah, Babs. thats what i'm going to listen to today.

sadly, in the world of wasteful weddings, I'm afraid trees with perfect root balls and everything get purchased for decoration and then dumped instead of planted.