Friday, May 1, 2009

New Friends

Our efforts at the new garden space, previously occupied by the two hoop houses I sold back in February, are starting to pay off. Here are some emerging pea shoots. 
The spinach is coming in beautifully, although the ground beneath it could definitely benefit from a hard rain, or a heavy dusting of mulch. 
The beets have got it goin' on. 
Carrot tops. 
Radishes, which I plan to eat with butter and sea salt, à la Orangette. By the way, her book will make you laugh and cry. Buy it. Read it. Cook from it. Love it. 

As they were only recently planted, I don't yet have photos for the 5 varieties of lettuce, 2 varieties of fennel, cilantro, and chives I've also planted. We're in the process of building eight 4'x8' raised beds (made of heavy plank pine, at both 10" and 12" high) in which to plant all of the heat-loving plants I have growing inside. More photos to come as the saga continues. Come canning time, my pantry will be PACKED! 

*Small Measure: Plant organic seeds. I opted for Johnny's and Territorial, as well as High Mowing. Heirloom company Bakers Creek is a perennial favorite as well (be forewarned-their catalogue is straight-up produce porn; you will want everything you see!). Purchasing organically provides you with a foundation of clean, healthy plants, ensures financial viability for organic producers, and promotes genetic diversity. 


Anonymous said...


Bonner said...

Produce Porn... gives gardening a whole new realm of connotations.

Grow podlings grow!

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW ! Isn't it exciting to start to see the fruit of your LABOR. Your hard work is paying off. Sing , I work hard for my money,hard for my money!!!!! You go girl!!!! MOM (any overage of all crops send to MOM'S house!)

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P. said...

It's so thrilling, isn't it? I just love all my little seedlings (though they are drowning in the ten solid days of rain we've had).

Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comment about my news!

ticklishfromadistance said...

I am right there witt you. Planted like crazy and the rain in the South has rewarded me....fairly quickly! Great post!