Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's Going On

A bench for contemplation and resting weary bones. 
The decorative items festooning my neck are dog leashes because, that's how I roll. 
We're thinking this is a pear tree. The jury is still out, though. 
Super Dexta will hopefully bring us some super $$$. 


Anonymous said...


Emily said...

You have a tractor now?! It's official, having a tractor means that you've hit the big time!!! Happy farming!

ashley said...

We've actually had the tractor for some time, Emily. Came with the house when Glenn bought it. We're hoping to sell it to make a little extra $$$ for buying other property-related needs.

Anonymous said...

Back from Cananda! WOW what a trip.Remember Grand Dad Bullock's tractor? His was called old Blue and your's is young Blue. Don't just settle you can get a good price. Mom