Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Package Deal

This demo at Bee Field Day was on installing a mail-order package of bees. Imagine the post office's pleasure when receiving your buzzing box of 12,000 bees. 
Here's the interior of a 10-frame hive. 
Edd Buchanan, beekeeper extraordinaire, instructs a young assistant in removing the queen package from the box. 
The intrepid bee-gal places the queen box inside the frames, after opening the candy plug that keeps her isolated. 
Finally, after a thorough smoking, Edd and his trusty gal-pal released the entire package. As I wasn't wearing bee-appropriate clothing, I hung way back on the edge of the crowd. I have never seen so many bees buzzing overhead in my life. After getting their bearings, and picking up on the scent of the queen and other bees in the hive, they eventually flew into the hive. I'm so excited to learn more about the inner world of bees and bee-keeping! I've begun the process of selecting my equipment and its inhabitants. I'll let you know when my new friends arrive! 


nicole said...

I can't wait to see this new journey of yours begin. I'm also looking forward to my own taste tests of honey.

Do they recommend you start with one hive as a beginner?

ashley english said...

Hi Nicole! Don't worry, you'll be all up in my honey-I guarantee it! It's actually suggested that a new beekeeper begin with two hives. That way, you can use one as a barometer, or laboratory, of sorts. My friend Rachel and I are each getting hives, putting both of them out here on my property.

Carrie Nicole said...

Oh my goodness this is so cool! My dream is to live on a farm and have my own bees!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. Hope your hives arrive soon.

ashley english said...

Don't give up hope, Carrie! I married into the farm, everything else came later.

Bri said...

You couldn't get me that close to a box of live, buzzing death monsters if my life depended on it.

Cool though!