Monday, July 27, 2009

It's The Hard Knock Life

Check out this sneak peak into the exquisitely busy life of a honeybee hive. Absolutely stunning, and absolutely vital, marvels of nature. I would seriously recommend watching the video in its entire, extended glory here.
I'm still coming down from my vacation high. First time I've gone anywhere in almost a year. A FULL YEAR, FOLKS! Can you say cabin fever? Highlights of the family vacay included: an hour-long facial, mastering the pina colada, and thinking my younger brother said "cheesy pants."


Anonymous said...

Amazing!! I know you are excited about your hives.
The vacation sounds well deserved.

Bonner said...

He did say Cheesy Pants. I heard him.

Toil and Trouble said...

i love the part where the new baby worker emerges from her cell. they are so darn amazing!