Friday, December 18, 2009

It's A Wrap

My "Small Measures with Ashley " column is up today over at Design Sponge. It's on sustainable gift-wrapping options, filled with all sorts of alternatives to traditional paper-wrapped goods. 

I'll be back at some point this weekend with photos of the current snow assault. In the meantime, drinks lots of hot beverages, layer up, and warm your house by baking something delicious! 

Be well! 
*Image from here


Anonymous said...

I loved this article, thanks! I linked to it and am hoping that it reaches some more people. The mounds and mounds of holiday trash is so depressing so thanks for the alternative and the eye candy visuals. Happy snow bound!

Elemental LED staff said...

Wow, suddenly wrapping presents with newspaper if stylish. We've been doing it for years and getting laughed at!

Kate Moore said...

I love the wrapping style you've got going on there. Looks fabulous.