Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Potion #9

Hello everyone. I hope your weekend was grand. Ours was half spoiled/half bliss. More about that in another post, though.

First, I thought I'd share my column from this past Friday's "Small Measures with Ashley" on Design Sponge. While Valentine's Day may have passed, there's no reason you can't still whip up this Love Potion, crafted by my talented herbalist friend, Heather Houdek. It's delicious and has the added perk of making your kitchen smell like a Parisian perfumery as it cooks, owing to the inclusion of rose petals.

The perfect, heart and belly-warming antidote to winter's frigid grasp, brew some up and share it with someone you love.


nicole said...

I was lucky enough to be treated to some of this wonderful concoction, and it is delicious and exotic. Quite the indulgence!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day. Our was wonderful.