Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Just In

Good morning! I've got a few newsworthy bits for you today.

To begin, I learned yesterday that my "Canning & Preserving" book received an honorable mention in the "How-To" category at this year's Green Book Festival in Los Angeles. I'm so humbled. What an honor!

Secondly, there's now another online resource available for purchasing my "Keeping Chickens" book. Derek over at My Pet Chicken wrote to tell me that his online store (which, in addition to carrying loads of equipment, as well as actual chickens, is also a PHENOMENAL resource for chicken-tendering chats with other like minded folks) now carries my book! You can order it here.

Come back later in the week for a recipe guaranteed to whet your springtime-parched whistle!

*Image from here.


Matt_Middleton said...

Congrats! Just finished Keeping Chickens, and really looking forward to Canning and Preserving!

Sarah|BHood said...

Congratulations! I picked up Canning & Preserving here in Toronto, and it's a great resource!

i am pam said...

Congrats! oh...I have been thinking about getting it too! Enjoying your blog!

Sarah said...

Just ordered Keeping Chickens and can't wait until it arrives- I'm just planning and dreaming right now, but I think it will see heavy action next year. I'm glad it's getting good distribution: congrats!

Morgan G said...

Congratulations, Ashley! The LA book fair is a tremendous festival featuring the best of the best. You should be very proud!