Saturday, August 21, 2010

Watermelon Fever

Hi all! My "Small Measures with Ashley" post is up on Design Sponge. This week I share my fetish for all things watermelon. With the insane heat this summer, the fruit was my go-to pregnancy hydrater of choice.

The 10 day forecast for my area indicates nary a day with temps over 83 degrees. Should that prove true, I'll be one happy lady. I mean, I've learned to live with cooling mint tea and copious watermelon and cold showers and minimally cooked dinners like Glenn's gazpacho, but what I really want, what I really crave, is to wrap myself in a cardigan, eat hot steel-cut oats for breakfast, sip on hot tea, and watch the autumn leaves turn a riot of color and fall.

Have a glorious weekend, wherever the wind takes you!

*Image from here.


bigdaddydan said...

Mom and I are enjoying some delicious yellow water melon. It is very sweet. Just like you, Joy

Leigh said...

So, have you tried watermelon gazpacho? It's amazing. You should absolutely whip some up--now.

Nancy from Mass said...

Hey! Is that Moon & Stars Watermelon? How was it to grow? I might try that one next year, or Astrahanska. Makes me want watermelon rind pickles....

ashley english said...

Leigh-I haven't actually had watermelon gazpacho. Sounds amazing, though!

Nancy-I didn't grow the melons in the photo. They're from the blog linked to at the bottom of the post. I'd love to grow them next year, though. They're SO beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Thought I'd say hello & share that I too have had watermelon fever this summer.

Unfortunately, paying $15.99 per melon is out of my grocery budget so I've had to suffer without it.

And no...not kidding. $15.99 is on sale, actually. And up from the original $11.99.

See for yourself:

Much love from an overseas Army wife,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Growing up in Texas as a kid, watermelon was practically a main course on Sundays. Just the other day I was in the grocer (here in the Midwest) and I was knocking on a melon. The produce guy came over and asked if he could help me pick out a "good one." And I knocked a good one right in front of him and said, "Nope...this one is perfect!" He seemed surprised but suspicious and asked me how did I know? I told him I was raised in Texas by a father who taught me well. He immediately smiled and said, "I won't argue with a Texan. Texans know their watermelons!" Thanks for sharing.