Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dairy Rappers Delight

Absolutely adoring this video. Dairy farmers promoting sustainable farming practices while making farming chic, modern, and especially gorgeous (because, hey, that's how it is in real life, right?????).

I'm especially fond of Ms. Exceptionally Lovely Farmer when she raps "In my wax coat and boots, I'm proper Farmer Giles; Now look, you urban folks have stole our style." So true. I love how farm clothing and gear have become fashionable in city settings. In so doing, it seems to validate the entire renewed interest in agriculture and nature and food cycles and systems and hand-crafted, handmade, home-spun modes of living so prevalent today.

For those of you curious about the lyrics (which are both hilarious and yet simultaneously quite inspiring, as
Yeo Valley is clearly making serious strides in their attempt to tread lightly on the soil they toil), check out this link.

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CallieK said...

The Dairy Board of Ontario did a similar promo a few years ago


I like the green emphasis on Yeo's better I think

esther said...

Love it, a bit of rural representing form my end of the uk :)

Greyson Briere said...

Fantastic and Hilarious!!! I am lovin the hoppin tracker, yo! I have seen a lot of tractors in my life but never one so rad as that!! Thanks for making me smile on a busy, chilly, gray day!

Anonymous said...

That's completely adorable! I live in a huge dairy farming community! I have to share it with the ag teacher at the school I work at:)

Josée said...

Great video :)

Elle Ross said...

I love the Owl!

The Saved Quarter said...

Love it!