Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Wild Bird Care

Hi Everyone! My "Small Measures with Ashley" post is up over at Design Sponge. This week I'm chatting about winter care for wild birds. The image above shows two of our feeders, a "hopper" model on the left and a "mesh" model on the right, with a wild pollinator habitat house sandwiched in the middle. It's usually peppered with birds, but, of course, as soon as I angled my lens on the feeders, the whole motely crew scattered.

Hope you all are having a grand weekend. We took Huxley out for brunch yesterday (at Chorizo, one of our favorite spots to dine in Asheville, especially for brunch as there's almost never a wait, the portions are large, the prices are fantastic, and the food never fails to deliver), then by Malaprops to meet up with our friends Lynne, Meg, and Alisa. Friday night had us watching "The Social Network" (I'm seriously loving the score) and noshing on homemade chicken noodle soup (Hubs is finally on the other side of his week-long "man cold"). Oh, and my "Backyard Chickens" class from that morning went off without any hitches. Huxley even got into the spirit of things and, after crying with Hubs for an hour, promptly fell asleep for the next 2 1/2 hours in his swing. 'Atta boy!

We have a whole lot of nothing planned for today. Well, that's not entirely true. If Huxley naps this afternoon I'm thinking of rearranging our pantry. Non-stop thrill ride around here, I know. I function better when things are orderly and the pantry has gotten a little hairy these past few months. Hubs is off to his weekly Scrabble-A-Thon in town. It looks like it might be a sunny day, so a walk around the property with the Ergo is probably in order, as well. Essentially, a low-key, laid back day. Which is just how I like it.

Wherever you are, may your Sunday be just as lazy (or not!) as suits you.


ChiRed77 said...

Hi Ashley! I just wanted to say that my mom (Camille) LOVED your backyard chickens class! I'm so happy I told her about it and if I didn't live in Chicago, I would have been there w/ her! Thanks for hosting!

ashley english said...

Oh, that's fabulous! She mentioned that you'd given her the glass as a holiday gift. Thank you!!!

nancy (aka moneycoach) said...

Hey Ashley - I discovered your blog via Karen (the Art of Doing Stuff). I'm kind of the opposite of you - don't know how and in the past haven't really cared to do anything handmade BUT a) I now live in Yellowknife (northern Canada) where of necessity life will be easier if i learn how and b) I have become so very convinced that we all desperately need to get off the made-in-China/thoughtless consumption track and that I'd far rather live simply with home-made items of quality than the typical suburban household.
So - I look forward to being inspired by your blog!
(and if you can believe it, there are a couple families way the heck up here who manage to keep chickens although obviously inside during the winter)