Sunday, April 10, 2011

For Spacious Skies

A monster of a thunderstorm ripped through our cove yesterday evening. Thunder! Lightening! 60 mph wind gusts! Hail!

It was intense. Our German Shepherd, Fly, was terrified. She's one of those dogs that's afraid of storms, while our other dog, Dexter, the Labrador-something-or-other-mix, lay sprawled out on the couch with an expression reading "I could really use another pillow. You mind?".

I was a bit on edge myself. Long ago, I lived for four years in a small town (Richlands, N.C.-anyone?) that would blast an alarm every time the threat of a tornado approached. The fire department blasted that dang alarm so often that, to this day, I get crazy anxious whenever a storm rolls through.

No harm was done, though, and afterwards-the SKIES! They were amazing, as if someone had brushed everything outdoors in the faintest hint of blush. These images don't really do the scene justice. It was, if I can muster up the courage to admit it, totally worth the storm.


Katy @ The Non-Consumer Advocate said...

The colors look like they were painted by Maxfield Parrish.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous pictures. What did Mr. Hux think?

jenny said...

We had a ton of hail! The boys thought it was so cool! The lightning, not so much.

blind irish pirate said...

It has gotten to the point where my town will sound the alarm if there's a *hint* of bad weather. As if to say, "HEY, HEY! It's raining!"

O really?

It makes for a very "Boy Cries Wolf" situation, which is unfortunate since we live on the brink of tornado alley.

Sarah said...

Funny. We had all the tornado watches, and the sky looked rather ominous, but I didn't even hear one crack of thunder. Of course, my aunt called me up from 30mi. away and said they were having amazing amounts of lightening. Go figure.

Diana R.Smith said...

We don't have storm sirens out here in the boonies but we do have one old fat Corgi who tries t squeeze himself behind the sofa when he feels storms approaching!!

We,too have 60mph straigt line winds and we truely grateful to see our greenhouse still standing this morning. Full of plants..would have been a big big loss. Ours storms were in the dark which is extra scary. DEE

mphc said...

Beautiful pictures!.. We received our copy of "Keeping chickens" today.. here in Germany :) Can´t wait to read it! Greetings, Nicole.

Unknown said...

Reminds me of a storm we had here in Maryland. I took pictures after the storm and as the sun set and made a video you might enjoy.

Love your blog.