Saturday, March 3, 2012

Breathe Deep

The good folks at Breathe Magazine have a great article in their newest issue on all things homesteading. Check out my fellow jam-making, chicken-tendering, work-slinging blog buddy Jessie Knadler as we chat about domesticity and gender equality.

Breathe is also featuring giveaways for both my and Jessie's books. Click here to enter to win the Homemade Living book series (all four books!) and here to win my home girl's books.

Big thanks to Breathe for including me in your wonderful publication!


Joe and Jill said...
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Joe and Jill said...

I own all four of your books! I follow your blog and Jessie's too! My husband and I just put an offer on our first house together in hopes to start our own homestead. You're teaching me all I need to know about homesteading! I know about preserving because my mother raised us cooking and preserving; I bought your book on preserving anyway. I just finished Keeping Chickens and I'm on to Keeping Bees. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us!

Unknown said...

What a great blog! My husband and I have been looking for property so we can go off-grid. Thank you so much for writing it!