Monday, March 9, 2009


A flowering quince about to burst forth in scandalous bloom. 
A riot of sunshine splendor. 
Crocuses creeping out of hiding. 
The forsythia can barely contain itself. 
Tip tops of trees are budding up. 

Spring is coming. Everywhere I look I see proof. Hold on, ye winter weary. The warmth is 'a comin'. 

Small Measure: Air dry your laundry. You don't need a backyard or a clothesline to showcase your business either. If you live in an apartment, simply throwing open the windows and spreading your garments over the backs of chairs or atop windowsills works splendidly. Country or suburban dwellers, well, you've got some room, no matter how diminutive, for even the most humble of taught lines to be hung. There's such easy comfort that comes from watching your things, mentionable and otherwise, blowing in the wind. Plus, it's good exercise, what with the bending over, pinning up, removing, and folding. As a bonus, you're saving money-a perk, no doubt, but definitely not the be all, end all. Clothespins up, pin onward!


Anonymous said...

Ashley: how beautiful. I just love this time of year.
Enjoy the sights and smells!

Anonymous said...

3 cheers for Spring

Emily said...

The warmth is 'a comin' alright! It was almost TOO hot today. We tied a record for hotest day ever in our town. I'm happy to see it coming but I'm asking it to slow down!

Anonymous said...

Winter is over ,spring has come !!!But not quite yet,just heard the news! Oh well , almost spring!!! I love spring most of all so many flowers!! Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Your so right abouth air drying your made me laugh

It's so pretty to see your laundry dancing in the wind on a sunnyday.

Anonymous said...

such gorgeous photos, ashley! a nice reminder that we should take note of all the changes happening around us, or we just might miss them.

and i agree about air drying laundry. i air dry about a third of our laundry and always have. not only does it save resources, but it puts a lot less wear and tear on some of my favorite clothing items.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like fresh from the line on a spring day! Beautiful pics, Ashley! Are you going to get a rooster and hatch some chicks? So cute! Wendy

NATASHA said...

Don't forgrt the crocus!

ashley english said...

Hi Wendy! Tempting as a roo and fuzzy chicks might be, we're leaning against it. Life is a bit busy these days, and with all the local suppliers of pullets (hens under 1 year old), we'll have the layers we need without the added time and energy that come from having chicks around. Plus, it's quiet out here and a roo might wreck that. Perhaps some day, but for now, the hen convent remains!