Saturday, January 16, 2010

Being & Nothingness

We've had a miniature warm-up here the past few days, just enough to begin coaxing some of the remaining snow and ice to start slacking off a little. Hopefully, the frozen springs in our driveway (rendering it into a flowing sheet of ice more at home in Siberia than western N.C.) will begin to ease up. Makes it hard to get deliveries of chimney parts or throw dinner parties when the drivers are worrying about slipping off of the icy, climbing stretch and plunging headfirst into the creek running adjacent to it. 

My Design Sponge "Small Measures with Ashley" post is up. This week: "The Art of Loafing." My tendency to over-plan and then over-stress about not fulfilling all of my plans has been over-ridden lately by enjoying just being. The frigid weather forcing me indoors has definitely helped in that department. When it's dark and freezing outside at 6 p.m., who wouldn't want to take an extra-long bath, slowly sip a glass of wine while staring into the wood stove, or curl up in bed with a good read? 

May your weekends all be filled with open spaces, day-planner-free days, and pointless contentment! Oh, and don't forget to enter this month's "Small Measure Can-Do Giveaway" to try and win my Kumquat 5-Spice Marmalade. Deadline for entry is midnight on Monday. 
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sk said...

wow! that is quite a skyscape!

Amber said...

The early spring fever is building in mah bones...since the first day of 50+ degrees, I've been bouncing and crazy.

I know it's only January and it's bound to have to get cold again, but the early spring fever is starting and I am going insane! :)