Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pies & Life & Babies

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and assurances over our Wild child. Were it not for the bandages placed front and center on his wee forehead, you'd think nothing had even happened. He's a trooper, that one. We follow up with a facial surgeon on Thursday. Fingers and toes crossed that those bandages, once removed, reveal nothing except a nice, healing wound.

I've got a few posts up other places that I thought you might enjoy reading. You can find me chatting about pie-making and country-living on Verve. There are also two seasonal pie recipes for your pleasure up over at Mrs. Wages.

Hope your Tuesday is going swimmingly!

*Image by Naomi Johnson.


Anonymous said...

Love your country living article in Verve. Every time I'm feeling tired or a little discouraged, I'll admit I look for land in the Asheville area to cheer myself up a bit. :-)

BAE said...

I hope you'll find the healing power of fresh, healthy, young skin will reveal little if any remnant of the wee one's encounter with the hard knocks of life.

We're coming to A'ville! Are you going to be out and about doing anything in the area the week of June 29 (traveling day #1) to July 8 (traveling day #2)? Would love to meet you in person!

amanda said...

I've been watching our squash blossoms turn into itty bitty little fruits this week..... next week we'll be in over our head and I'm totally making that squash pie!

Unknown said...

Once again, your recipes don't disappoint! Just made the squash pie with garden veggies and fresh eggs. Instead of cheddar I added tomato basil feta (it was all I had) and it was incredible. Perfect pie crust recipe too! Your book of pies is in my shopping cart! :) Thanks!!

barefoot mama said...

how do you keep up with everything...you are amazing!