Friday, September 5, 2008

A Big Sigh

Today marks a milestone. I submitted my first bit of text for the Raising Chickens book. That's like, a tenth of the book. Considering this is my first foray into the world of professional publishing, replete as it is with deadlines and public scrutiny and a general air of professionalism to which I am still getting acquainted with, I feel pretty good about the whole thing. It doesn't hurt that one of my closest friends is my editor. This is the same friend that both initially approached me about authoring the series AND vouched for my husband when he first sent me a Myspace message. This, you'll gather, is quite a good friend. 

As a matter of fact, yes, that is a giant bread snail.

After I e-mailed off the first chapter, I felt it best to go shopping. I ordered these, for schlepping and hauling assorted and sundry things around the property, then headed out to buy a gift for my recently turned 83 year-old grandmother, for whom Glenn and I are hosting a little family brunch tomorrow. He'll be making his famous crab cakes and I'll be firing up the oven for my famous carrot cake. We're heading on Sunday to the Mountain State Fair . I'm putting my money on the pig races. Who wouldn't? 

So, apologies for the paultry amount of posts in August, but, as much as I hate saying it, I was too busy. Writing a book, hosting friends from Philadelphia for a week, going to Florida for my younger brother's wedding, heading to San Francisco a week later for the Slow Food Conference; you get the gist of it. I'm around for now, though. Typing, baking cakes, and betting on pigs. 


Emily said...

Those are some big snails. What do they do with them, I wonder?

NATASHA said...

I am thinking about getting a typewriter...Anyway, if i can get someone to teach a distillery workshop on the farm , you should head out.
Good job on the first 1/10th

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Grams! Great start to your literary career. So happy for you.

Unknown said...

i'm so happy to see all of your various interests converging while bringing important issues and skills to a hungry audience.

Bonner said...

Congrats on the first tenth! That's a big deal!! Do you feel like it was well received?

Anonymous said...

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