Monday, December 29, 2008

Yes We Can!

I'm looking for a few good canners. Each book in my series will profile folks who are doing whatever the book topic is about. In this case, it's home canning and preserving. So, if you're a canner, or someone in your family cans, or you have a buddy who's homemade pickles make summer worthwhile, I'd love to connect with them. Either post a comment here, or write me directly at: All it takes is completing a short questionnaire and sending me a good digital photo of your glorious face! Come can with me! (That last sentence seriously deserves strong consideration for "dorkiest blog sentence EVER!" Apologies.)
*Sorry about the hideous quality of the photo. I took it in my quite dark pantry. After, oh, about 18 attempts, this was the best I could capture. You get the gist of what I'm suggesting, though. 


Anonymous said...

Yes you can can. lame!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're exploring this!
Are you going to work with the honey producers?!
Your honey is amazing.

Bailey B said...

Hey babe. Frank's mom and maternal grandmother both can. Maybe they can do a joint profile for the book. I'll give you a call this week. Miss you!