Monday, February 23, 2009

It All Comes Down To This

It's been a rough week. My dog, Fly, has been obsessively licking and gnawing at the injury she incurred last week when she ran over a nail sticking out of the end of one of the greenhouses that we sold. I had to cancel a much desired vacation in the interest of being a responsible adult and saving money. The anti-inflammatory Fly has to take gives her gas, the rankness of which I had not known dogs were capable of achieving. It's cold and the firewood won't stay lit.

Never one to take life's mishaps sitting down, I've turned to Nora as a beacon of hope. If something so small and fuzzy can rise to the challenge and say, "Oh, so you don't think cats can play the piano? PUH-LEEZE! Small-minded peon!", then so can I. Enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

I think dealing with the recession and all of its complications amid Winter's usual trials and tribulations is a lot for everyone to take. The good thing to remember and appreciate is how much we do have. I have to make an effort each and every day to focus on the good right now.

Susan said...


This video is hilarious...especially to a cat lover like me. I have 3.

the mom and soapmaker from Saipua

ashley english said...

Susan, glad to see you one here! I'm a HUGE fan of all things Saipua-related! Yeah, the cat situation is a bit out of hand here; we have 5, and were it up to me, we'd have, oh, 20.

Denise Fasanello said...

oh that was amazing and lovely. thanks

Designers' Brew said...

OMG so insanely cute!!!