Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small But Meaningful

When I originally decided to begin a blog in June 2008, I had all sorts of visions of what it would be on topically. A bit on food, a bit on gardening, a bit on crazy videos I find on youtube. Mostly, though, I wanted to somehow be didactic, informative, instructive without being boring or preachy or lame. Small measure is a term that actually sums up how I feel a life should be lived. If we take small, simple measures that allow us to treat our friends, families, and planet with kindness, generosity, and empathy, the health of all will benefit. 

To that end, I'd been meaning to leave each post with a "small measure" or a "one simple thing", if you will. Something that you can easily incorporate into your life that might impose less of a burden on the world around you, whether that be in your personal relationships, your lifestyle habits, or your interaction with the natural world. Well, dears, that time has come. Mostly, the small measures will be an additional component to the posts, not the topic of the post itself. It will be the cherry on top, not the hot fudge sundae (oh, man, hot fudge sundaes...........). Feel free to offer up some small measures of your own. I'd love to know how you all move through life with grace, compassion, and thoughtfulness. And humorous small measures are certainly always welcome, as well (i.e. never feed the dog chili...). 

Small Measure: Carry a hankie (that's a handkerchief, for those of you not down with nasal cloth colloquialisms). 'Specially this time of year, when so many folks have colds. My dad has been a life-long proponent of the hankie. Of course, you'll need more than one, as they get pretty rank pretty fast, but hankies are a much sounder choice than kleenex, environmentally-speaking. Plus, there are some pretty cool ones out there, so, depending on your predilection, you could deposit your precious nasal knowledge into a camouflaged, John Deere, paisley (Pop's choice), or floral hankie. Allow the hankie to make a statement, about your environmental AND design choices. 


Anonymous said...

I couldn`t agree with you moreabout carrying a hankie.

You are a wise person.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love that you'll be doing this. such small, simple measures can find their way into every aspect of our lives and really make a difference on so many levels.

it's funny, i went from someone who used to think that hankies were a bit, well, nasty to someone who now thinks they can be a rather dapper fashion accessory. there's an elegance to them that is surprising.

Anonymous said...

Well, some of the hankies around here - well just say they are not for sharing. Always good to have.

Anonymous said...

Yes Darling,your grandmother and I can go nowhere without our hankies!It's a Southern Bell tradition! Lace trimmed , various colores,floral,dainty,small,large they are so much fun and great gift's.Don't leave home without one! Love MOM

Emily said...

Reading your blog today made me think of the essential items (like a hankie) that it's good to have on you at all times. Maybe one day we can make a complete list but my short list includes:
A hidden $ 20 dollar bill in case of emergencies
A Swiss army knife
Lip balm or lipstick

Anonymous said...

sigh, he does enjoy his paisley nasal napkin, doesn't he?

P said...

I love a pretty hankie.I bought a stash from Ebay and gave them to all my female friends and family members as stocking gifts. They SQUEALED with delight.

Mine always get pen stains on them. I seem to specialize in uncapped pens.