Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

Glenn, the pups, and I, aware of the forthcoming 5 days of rain, went on an impromptu picnic and hike yesterday. We made haste up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We're located at the base of Mt. Pisgah, just a stone's throw from the Parkway.

The color up there is absolutely stunning. Breathtaking, really. After getting off to a rough start (I slipped on wet grass and smashed into my right knee cap, while Dexter did his requisite barf-all-over-the-back-of-the-car bit; thankfully, the Outback has a plastic liner...), we hiked through Graveyard Fields to the upper waterfall. Neither of us had ever been there before (Graveyard Fields or its waterfalls-upper, lower, or otherwise). Well, that's the end of that. It's my new favorite parkway spot. Apparently, based on the volume of vehicles in the parking lot, it's also everyone else's favorite parkway spot. I didn't mind the trail companions, though. Aside from the tiny dog that came barreling down the slippery rock face towards Dexter and Fly, the hike went off without a hitch (knee jams and barf sessions notwithstanding). 

Are you finding any special somethings this autumn? Places, people, eats, sips, etc.? 


Danielle said...

Ashley, I stumbled upon your blog last week and I love it! I'm from NC originally - now in VA - and hold its mountains near and dear to my heart. Although I'm less than an hour from the Parkway up here, it's just not the same. Although, they're still beautiful.

I'm really enjoying your blog! My husband and I are slowly trying to turn his family farm into a sustainable farm, and learning to live off the land. It's an adventure but blogs like yours keep me motivated!

Cheers, Danielle

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day -try to remember it when you get those 5
days of rain

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful! Enjoy!

Linda's Kitchen said...

My family usually takes a long drive to see the folage on Columbus Weekend. This year, we could not go too far because my oldest daughter had to work at an apple orchard. We did discover a beautiful spot on the Blackstone River. There is a beautiful bike path and historic sites. A beautiful walk and beautiful ride. I love New England in the fall!

Courtney said...

Lovely photos! We have been taking random drives through the hills up here, even on the rainy days, to take advantage of the foliage. I love it!

Emily Elizabeth Fox said...

the blue ridge is one of my favorite spots in the world. i'm happy to see that the fall colors are here!

amber said...

did you happen by the pisgah inn on the blue ridge parkway? beautiful drive up there and lovely place to stay!

ashley english said...

Amber-we did, in fact, pass the Pisgah Inn! We had our picnic at the picnic area across the street.