Saturday, October 10, 2009

Made With Love

My husband is a "shower", not just a "teller." While he certainly offers up declarations of love, he really lets me know the depths of his devotion by his actions. Anyone can say things. My G. makes things manifest. To wit, I'm showcasing 5 items he recently made. Though enjoyed by both of us, he made them with me in mind. I recognize what a gift that is every day. 
Buddha-crow keeps opportunistic birds at bay while reminding me to remove any attachments to outcomes, indispensable wisdom when dealing with a forest-situated garden. 
This potting shed keeps my tools nice and dry, while keeping me on time. You can't see it, but just beyond the shed is a creek, truly gorgeous to glance at and calming beyond measure to listen to when a hard rain gets it really flowing. 
A potting table to work on. Clearly, it needs a a bit of sprucing up. Attending to all of the garden clean-up is a forthcoming task. Sadly, sometimes the writing I'm always up to overshadows the garden's needs. I'm still learning how to juggle the two demands. 
Finally, a garden bench for resting my weary bones. The black landscape cloth is a vestige of the garden's former use, when it was enclosed in a hoop house, which we sold back in February. I've got big plans next spring to put either gravel or mulch over it and build raised beds with borders for all of the in-ground beds that were on that side. I'm a sucker for order and visual appeal. My G. knows that and rises to the occasion without my even asking him to. 

Have a lovely Saturday! 


Anonymous said...

Organized love - even better!

Anonymous said...

So nice - I love the potting bench.

kelly of the corn said...

Can you clone him?! Geez!

wendy said...

You just gotta' smile at Buddha-crow!