Monday, July 5, 2010

Berry Bliss

Zoinks, kids! I only just now realized I'd forgotten to post my "Small Measures with Ashley" column this past weekend! You can check it out over on Design Sponge. This week I waxed rhapsodic about all things berry, culminating with the recipe for my Blueberry-Raspberry Allspice & Rum Jam (yup, it's the same jam I posted here about a week ago; thing is, it's just so good that I figured my Design Sponge readership deserved to hear about it as well).

I do know how I forgot about posting it, though. I got a massive burst of energy on Thursday and Friday. Now, for those of you who don't know me, I've always been a high-energy lady. I'm constantly busy, doing this's and that's, running thither and yon. When Nugget came along, though, mid-February, I was stopped squarely in my tracks. My little feller put the kibosh on said energy, lulling me instead into the land of multiple naps, chronic digestive distress, and just-barely-managing-to-keep-the-show-going levels of functioning.

When I woke up Thursday morning and realized I felt so good, I decided to capitalize on it. Over the weekend, I did yard work, completely cleaned out our basement (corroded over as it was with the funk of forty-thousand years), and re-organized our large walk-in pantry. It felt amazing. Of course, Saturday came and Nugget kicked in and said "Pump your brakes, Mom. Let's take it down a few notches," resulting in the need for not just one, but two naps that day. No matter. I was feeling good again yesterday and, even though it's not yet 8 a.m. and the day hasn't fully become realized, so far, I feel fine, so it's all sorts of yard work on the agenda today.

You can see, then, how I might have neglected to post on this little blog. My husband has an axiom he often uses when referring to seizing an opportunity: "Make hay while the sun shines." The hay in this scenario being my energy level, we were cutting, bailing, and stacking hay all weekend long!

Hope your fourth was grand and your week ahead full of wonder!

*Just to start your week out on a high note, I'm supplying you with these two random acts of kindness, one in video form and one posted as a blog entry. Enjoy, and be moved!
1) Video (be sure to read the little caption under the video for an explanation of what this flash mob is up to-bear in mind, the passengers are all strangers to the driver, and the song being sung is the Danish very of "Happy Birthday to You").
2) Blog (from the land of Oz!).

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Lcoppola said...

Hi Ashley
Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your berry jam recipe with rum. It was my first attempt at ever making jam and it was a huge hit with my kids and husband. So thank you! I ordered your canning book and I can't wait to make more goodies to share. Off to the store to buy more pectin!!!
Take Care, Leanne Coppola