Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our House, Part 2

A few more scenes from our place (here's the first round).

The last photo is of our back/front porch (you actually enter our house from the back door, which takes you directly into the kitchen; the "true" front of the house includes this porch, although it's not a "used" entrance, as we've fenced off the yard for the dogs-sounds confusing, but makes sense in context...).

I recently re-upholstered the seats of the wrought iron table set (while G. gave 'em a new coat of paint) and ran out of canvas staples, hence the bedraggled look of the closest seat.

It's always a work in progress out here. Good thing I'm a go-getter.


Jen said...

I've used regular staples in my upholstering--I don't know what you're stapling into, but it worked for me when my heavy-duty guys were too long and made for prickly seating!

Your place is lovely.

A.G. said...

I can't for the life of me remember which culture had this tradition, but there used to be a saying about coming to the front vs back door. Essentially, friends, neighbors, and family came to the back door as a sign of blessing and good faith, as the devil, or evil spirits, or what have you, could only knock on or sneak in through the front.

sk said...

I love your porch!