Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chicken-tendering, Zenchilada-style

I invite you all to take a minute and check out the most recent edition of online food magazine "Zenchilada." I was approached by editor Ronni Lundy several months ago about contributing to both their Fall 2010 and Winter '10-11 issues. You can find the fall edition, entirely devoted to all things chicken, here. My article begins on page 32, with a bio listed on page 161.

The magazine (for which I've posted the July 2010 cover above; couldn't find the most recent cover available in jpg form to save my life) is gorgeously and thoughtfully curated. Those new to keeping chickens will find just as much valuable information here as those who've been dyed-in-the-feathers for some time. There are also recipes and anecdotes aplenty. Enjoy!

*Image from here.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this before, but reading through is now going to be my reward for finishing up a long day of work today. Thanks for the suggestion!

Lynne Harty said...

It's a beautifully designed magazine - thanks for hooking me up with it, Ashley!

Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks for this magazine link. I have already read several of the stories and love them!! With 170 pages, I will be reading for quite a while, not to mention the last issue too. I hope you and Hux are still doing well, and Hubs too. Look foward to hearing about your daily moherhood goings on as well as somemore Wild pix!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great e-mag. I will check that out!



Anonymous said...
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