Friday, October 1, 2010

Pumpkin Bliss

Hi everyone! My "Small Measures with Ashley" post is up on Design Sponge. Today I give props to one of my most beloved signs of the times-pumpkins and their kinfolk, winter squashes! I've included a recipe for a Butternut Squash & Gorgonzola Pasta with Pumpkin Seed, Lemon Balm, & Sage Pesto we made for the "Nugget Warming" that is the stuff of dreams!

Hope your weekend is grand. I've got a whole lot of nothing planned, per the suggestion of many of you. Trust me, that's EXTREMELY difficult advice for this go-getter to adhere to, but, fortunately, I'd cleared my schedule for the 5 weeks following last weekend's "Warming." That means I've got plenty of time to write, drink red raspberry leaf tea (good for priming up the 'ole uterus for her forthcoming Olympic event!), watch movies, prop up my feet, and just enjoy these lovely autumn days.

Be well, friends!

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adajane said...

I have a canning question - answer whenever you have a moment - no rush.

I found a Pear Jam recipe in my great-aunts box and she says to put into sterilized jars but doesn't give a processing time. Is there a standard for processing or should I simply refridgerate? Here is the recipe if that helps:

5lbs pears
1can pineapple
2 oranges
marschino cherries and juice
lemon juice (opt)


ashley english said...

hi amy.

with jams, jellies, butters, and the like, processing time is typically 15 minutes, adjusting accordingly for altitude (for example, based on the elevation where i live, i'd add an extra 5 minutes processing time). and, given your recipe, i'd elect to include the lemon juice and not make it merely optional.

hope this helps!

adajane said...

I'll try that! Thanks!