Thursday, May 5, 2011

Future Foods

These future apples and blackberries are making my mind turn to pies, cobblers, crisps, jams, and fruit butters, not to mention straight-from-the-tree/off-the-vine eats!

Ah, the growing season!


jenny said...

You are further along than we are! We're looking forward to all the goodness too. Our young persimmon tree has fruit on it for the first time!

Mamawolf said...

Crazy! We are just barely getting buds swelling on the raspberries here and the apple blossoms just began to open a few days ago. Lovely to see your bounty bursting!

The Haphazard Countryman said...

I am so envious of your "future foods". We just planted 12 fruit trees this last fall. Three didn't make it through the winter, 1 due to actually not taking, 1 due to dogs digging it up, and 1 due to kids cutting it in half accidentally.

A few years before we get our future foods!

Julia Jardim said...

Is this first one blackberry? We have a variation of it here (in Brazil). It's much smaller with more of a red shade and grows in huge trees. And it's much sweeter, too. We call it "Amora".

ashley english said...

julia-indeed, it is! it was unripe at that point. and i love the idea of a berry called "amora." so romantic!