Monday, May 2, 2011

Guest Post: Teaspoons & Petals

Today I bring you a guest post from Alexis Siemons, of the delightfully tea-centric blog, Teaspoons & Petals. A freelance writer, creative business consultant, and tea writer, Alexis propositioned me with the idea of posting on small measure several months back. I'd never done any guest posting on here before, love what she writes about ,and thought "why not?" And so, here's Alexis, sharing ideas about two of my favorite things-tea and honey!


As I celebrate spring rains and blossoming buds, the showers and clouds often chill me to the core. I look to my kettle and steamy sips to warm my soul. So, until we settle into summer sun, here are two of my favorite herbal blends that brighten my spirit with special, simple ingredients: Orange Blossom Honey with Dried Rose Buds & Hibiscus Flowers and Chestnut Honey with Candied Ginger & Cinnamon.

Orange Blossom Honey with Dried Rose Buds & Hibiscus Flowers
-Bring a cup of water to a boil and add dried rose petals and dried hibiscus flowers. Steep for 5-7 minutes.
-Don’t step away as you steep. Instead, watch the hibiscus flowers paint your water a vibrant shade of red (such a visual treat).
-Strain the petals and hibiscus flowers.
-Let water cool until its ready to sip. Stir in a spoonful of orange blossom honey.
*First sip: the bright, sweet burst from the orange blossom honey balances the bold, tart flavor of the hibiscus. The hint of rose buds offers a subtle floral fragrance. A refreshing herbal steep that will lift your spirits in one sip.

Chestnut Honey with Candied Ginger & Cinnamon
-Bring a cup of water to a boil and add sliced, candied ginger. Steep for 10 minutes.
Let the water cool until it’s ready to sip, and then add a dab of chestnut honey.
*First sip: The slightly sweet candied ginger adds a delicate spice. The Chestnut Honey is the star of the show with a deep, smoky flavor that is wonderfully complex. The taste reminds me of leather, tobacco and a campfire in the fall forest. The deep, dark amber honey is rich and savory. Perfect for an evening sip. Swap the candied ginger with fresh slices for a spicier sip. Add rooibos tea to intensify the earthy quality of this blend.

Let your edible imagination take you on a journey as you dream up herbal blends that make your taste buds swoon. Start out with simple steeps of herbs and honey (mint is a great first choice), and soon enough you’ll be transforming your kitchen into a culinary lab of steeps and sips.


Thanks, Alexis! And, now that I've opened the site to others, what about you? Got anything you'd like to share with small measure readers? Send me a query and we'll chat about it. I'm not making any promises, but if your blog jives with mine and I like the idea, we might just be able to make something happen.


Anna said...

I have recently switched to only buying loose-leaf tea or herbs to make into tea, so I really appreciate this recipe for making a unique and delicious cup of tea. Thanks!

{ T G L } said...

A splendid idea! I never actually thought about combining my own herbal infusions. I have rose petals in a cellophane bag that I found in an Afghan shop. I wonder where I can get hibiscus leaves from.

My personal favourite concoction when I am feeling under the weather:

- Bring water to the boil
- Add slices, fresh ginger root and allow to brew
- Add a squeeze of lemon juice or a slice of lemon
- Add honey

This works wonders for sore throats and clogged sinuses!

This Good Life

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a quick question about the Persian pickle recipe! First of all I ADORE THEM! I have had pickles for breakfast two days in a row! My question is I would love to make a ton and keep them in my pantry... is there a way to take this refrigerator pickle and can it? How long would it need to process in a water bath? THANK YOU!

Have a great day!!

Deborah Granick

ashley english said...

deborah-you can absolutely pickle them. just put them in mason jars and process them in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes, adjusting for altitude. so glad you like them!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!



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