Friday, August 26, 2011

Custom Canning Label Contest

Want to try your hand at winning some beautiful custom-printed labels to festoon your canned goods with? Well, then, head over to Felix Doolittle, a stationary purveyor in Massachusettes.

I received an email yesterday from Jena of the lovely blog Modish, giving me a head's up about the contest. The gist of it is, send Felix a jar of something sweet that you've canned and he, along with chef Michael Leviton of Newton, MA's Lumiere will chose a winner to receive custom, hand-painted labels made my Felix himself.

How cool is that? I'm thinking of sending in a jar of my Peach & Lavender butter. Or maybe my Cardamom Apple Butter. Or maybe Apricot Jam!


EcoGrrl said...

ha, great way to get a bunch of free canned goods !

Loren said...

Send a small jar then, but having personal labels could be a beautiful touch to those large cans you've kept for yourself!

The Haphazard Countryman said...

I think all three. Then you are sure to win!

oukay said...

I may not be entering, but I would vote for you to send the peach-lavender butter. I have made it and it is wonderful! Can't wait to try the apple cardamom.

Felix Doolittle said...

Thanks Ashley for your posting about our contest! I'd like to let your readers know that entries need to be POSTMARKED by AUG. 31st.... so there's a few more days to decide what they'd like to send.

Additionally, in September we'll be hosting The Savory Canning Contest with the same prize.

I can't wait to read some of your books - all look fabulous!

Thanks again!

Angela Watts said...

Curse the "hurricane" already....I would have loved to have entered this contest.....shipping would have been risky with said hurricane coming, but worth it for such pretty labels as a possibility.