Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day In the Life

Today, many good things happened:

~Huxley had play time with his grandmother and great-grandmother.
~Hubs and I consumed delicious lattes, courtesy of Battle Cat.
~I checked on the hives and it would appear an extraction is imminent (I'm thinking the weekend after this one, as there's just a wee bit of uncapped honey still present).
~Much laundry was laundered, dried, folded and put away.
~Many emails were attended to (A.J., I'm almost done with your interview questions, from back in freaking April!!!).
~Yogurt made from cows belonging to the ever generous Valerie Graves was cultured (you can find the super easy recipe for homemade yogurt in my book).
~Hubs began building a new wooden rack for the firewood that will keep us roasty toasty in the wood stove all winter long.
~Some of the remaining otherworldly delicious peaches still on hand from my canning class were consumed with heady abandon.
~A chilly 55 degree morning was greeted with hoodies, warm socks and gratitude.
~The telltale smell of autumn made itself manifest.
~Doggie love was felt (that's our German Shepherd, Fly)
~Plans to put the fall garden in tomorrow were made.
~Some Joan Jett was sung along to.
~Multiple baby kisses were bestowed.
~A Weeping Willow Wit was consumed.
~My love of charcuterie was further cemented.
~Thankfulness for a "lady date" on Friday night with my editor and buddy Nicole at Curate was felt (she also festooned me with this exquisite specimen as a belated birthday gift).
~General love of life, family, location and situation was experienced.


EcoGrrl said...

sigh...even your clothesline makes me jealous. maybe i need to buy clothes that are not just black :)

keep on with these 'day in the life' - love this stuff! all about the gratitude.

your life is beautiful!

Jenny Bartoy said...

Sounds lovely and wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Love this post - I fell in love with Mother Earth Brewing on my last trip to Asheville. Love the Dark Cloud!!!

Anita said...

What a great sounding day! I love the pictures(especially the clothes line.

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

What a sweet, productive and blessing-filled day! Reviewing all the lovely moments of the day is a powerful exercise in mindfulness and gratitude... thank you for the reminder.

Stacy said...

Love that you can say, "an extraction is imminent." I'm envious! :)

elisa said...

such a glorious day x will you have more honey than you can use? then what?