Friday, November 11, 2011

Gettin' Stitched

Local yokels, my friend Sarabeth Lattimore (the fashion designer and seamstress extraordinaire I profiled back here) will be hosting a discussion on all things sewing related tomorrow at Waechter's Fine Fabrics.

Here's the information she forwarded to me:

10am-1pm Meet and Greet with Sarahbeth Larrimore of Unabashed apparel - Meet our designer-in-residence and learn about her up and coming Sewing Studio Saturdays, a sewing class geared towards the next generation of younger folks learning to sew (ages 18-40ish.) This "class" is for folks just starting out, or folks that sew but want to learn more & have the support of a young, hip sewist community!

Events going on throughout the day taught by the Waechterettes:
10:30-11 Fabric + Pattern Selections that wow.
11:30-12 Best Top Patterns for beginners to advanced sewers.   
12:30-1: Pressing Matters: Pressing tools and how to use them.
1:30-2: Best Jackets for beginners to advanced sewers.
2:30-3: Trims trims trims! Personalize and inspire!
3:30-4 Featured Techniques: Hong Kong finish, French Seams, Handpicked zippers etc.  

If you're free and looking to learn more about sewing, go visit Sarahbeth, and do be sure to tell her I sent you!!!  

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jen said...

how cool! I am definitely going to try and pop in tomorrow. The only things I have mastered with sewing are pillow covers, curtains and table runners (anything with a straight line!). I would love to learn how to sew my own clothes. Thanks for the heads up!