Monday, November 28, 2011

Love Letters

Hi, friends! I don't know about where you are, but it's raining something fierce here. Intense, driving, just-watch-as-it-washes-out-the-driveway-again rain. Coupled with the bursts of wind sending leaves, wind chimes, and small birds aloft, today is definitely one for staying indoors.

You might recall the post I made a few weeks back about Huxley's "H". Several of our friends recently had babies (including my friend Bailey, a 4th-year medical student, who had twins!!!) and we thought that letters for their nurseries would make fine, unique gifts. Using the methods outlined in that first post, Hubs whipped up the letters above for "Sophia," "Ben", and "Jack" respectively.

With the holidays quickly approaching, these letters would make great gifts for those with wee ones in your lives. You can get all kinds of creative with the design, evidenced by the handmade artwork on S, the slats in B, and the holes in J.

My grandmother liked them so much that, upon viewing Huxley's letter, she put in a request for a letter of her own. Here's hoping she loves her letter just as much as the others have been smitten with theirs.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving that "B".

Michele said...

I am LOVING these letters. He should start selling them. I'd buy some for sure. (smile)

Indio said...

The letters are wonderfully creative, with great colors. The "J" remind me of the mason house with all of the drill holes.

Anonymous said...

I had seen your books before (lovely), but just happened upon your space here (also lovely)!

These letters are a good whimsical handmade gift indeed. I always get excited when someone is sharing the suggestion to give handmade. We recently put a call-out to all those who made handmades so that I could share the joy of giving handmade along with links to suggestions. We had a delightful response from so many talented handmakers:

I'm so happy you are sharing the handmade giving sentiment here too. -heather

Joya said...

I have to say you are the most creative person ever! Cheers up and keep posting.

Sample Letters

kelly aaron said...

Sophia LOVES her "S"! Admittedly she's only 7 weeks old and she didn't actually say that, but I can tell she's a smitten kitten. xo