Friday, December 16, 2011

What I'm Digging

Happy Friday, friends! It's grey and overcast here, which suits this wet weather-loving lady just fine. Hubs and I are cuddled up with homemade stollen and cardamom coffee, with plans to make batches of spiced apple butter later. Tonight we're headed over to Lynne's for dinner, followed by a trip to Rene and Billy's tomorrow for their sweet daughter Trumie Rose's first birthday. Should be a great weekend! 

Here's what got me thinking, inspired my curiosity and tantalized my taste buds this week:
*Canadian Kevin Kossowan is my kind of food guy.
*This will be mine.
*Wouldn't it be wonderful to go visit Melanie here?
*This article on the "new domesticity" is captivating.
*Jen's biscotti are perfect for making and sharing.
*I love when animals and man make peace with each other.
*I couldn't agree any stronger with this article (homemade is better!).
*Great homemade gift ideas from the fine folks at Saveur.
*Lavender hot chocolate (via Anthology)!!!
*Stunning photography, styling, and recipes (and it's all grain- & sugar-free, for those on such diets finding themselves in need of a bit of inspiration).

Wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, may it be grand!

*What I'm Digging is always heralded by an image of Huxley because, along with his Papa, he's truly what I dig the most.


Martine said...

Thank you for pointing me to roost. Lovely gluten free recipes.

EcoGrrl said...

hey! love the links this week esp sw france!! the article on 'new domesticity' is interesting to me - i kinda hate the word 'domesticity' myself as it's got so many connotations. the article drove me insane because it only refers to women and i know so many men who are getting into canning,curing, gardening, preserving, making beer w/ hops they grew, etc. and the comments in the article about raising children being what women do, my god it kills me! when are they going to consider fatherhood just as important as motherhood? oy vey! we need to call attention out to all the men who are raising children and that 'domesticity' doesn't have to be about sex. sigh... this is why i love ya!

ps - you might want to consider reformatting your links so that they open in a new window then the reader doesn't have to lose your original page when opening up all your cool links :)

Natalie said...

What a great list. Thank you. I also enjoyed the 'new domesticity' article!

Victoria said...

did you see that Design Mom plugged your books today?

Little Home In The Country said...

YES to Kevin Kossowan!!!! I've learned so much from his blog. Helpful for me as he's a local fellow so the climate is the same. Love your blog and your books - I've read them all :)

Apseed said...

Thanks for sharing! Especially I'm grateful for blog of Kevin Kossowan.