Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiny Reminders

I was just outside, emptying items into the recycling station when I came across these beauties. Surrounded by what looked like a small village of daffodils about to burst, these two Hellebores are living proof that, no matter how dormant and inactive it may appear, the soil is always, always, always teeming with life and activity.

I appreciate that reminder. Life never slows, not for any of us. It may get quieter at times than others, but it's always moving, always kinetic, always chugging along, right beneath the surface. You can feel it in your pulse or witness it in gorgeous blooms, planted long ago with the promise to appear right when you need them to.

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Sarah said...

Love this thought, Ashley. Thanks for sharing the reminder (and making me not feel alone; sometimes people get weirded out when I get emotional over dirt :) )

Sarahbeth said...

Oh - I'm catching up after a long absence from reading your blog - and I just had to second that on the hellebores. There is no other flower that gives me as much hope or calms me than these guys.