Friday, January 20, 2012

What I'm Digging

Happy Friday, friends! What weird weather this week has brought, right? Serious snow and ice have raged in the Pacific northwest while we've been inundated with spring-like rains here in the south. We even have daffodils peeking up here in the cove!

My poor honeybees are all kinds of confused, out foraging on the warm days and stuck indoors on the rainy and cold ones. Fellow beekeepers, keep in mind that this might require some early-spring feedings from you. Even if you provided ample honey stores to get the winged beauties through winter, all of this warm weather might prompt them to consume it all and even stimulate the queen to begin early laying in late winter. Check your hives on a warm, clear day in late winter/early spring and feed accordingly.

Alright, here's a round-up of some eye candy, brain musings, and clever solutions that caught my attention this week:
*This (oldie but goodie) article on extended nursing was really captivating.
*This gardening book and this amazing everything preserving book will be mine (incidentally, Harriet was profiled in my Canning book!).
*Stacy's raised bed idea is genius.
*Aran's citrus grove photos are so lovely.
*The new issue of Styled is gorgeous.
*Wes Anderson is back (Francis McDormand! Bruce Willis! Edward Norton!)!!!
*Goodbye dryer sheets, hello wool dryer balls.
*It's National Cheese Lover's Day (I know a helpful book for making some of your own ;^) )!!!
*Jessie's book is bound to be hilarious.
*Tara's canning jar label solution is brilliant.

Wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, may it be grand. I'm off to meet a group of ladies this evening to chat about our shared interests in learning to hunt and fish. If you're similarly interested, join us at 6 p.m. at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. We'll be the motley crew swilling wine and chowing down on salted caramels!


Sharon said...

I live just south of Seattle and the view from my window this morning was beautiful. Snow covered ground and ice covered trees as the morning light came about. My office has been closed the past couple of days but my drive to work today was long and circuitous, taking detour roads around downed power lines and fallen trees everywhere. (I'm not thinking I'll get power back at my house soon...) While I was home I read Annette Cottrell's "Urban Farm Handbook" about her goal of trying to live without the grocery store in a Seattle neighborhood. It was good and probably something you'd find interesting since it says alot about gardening, etc. in the Pac. NW, an area you have interest in. Her blog is You might check it out.

Anonymous said...

I have had raised beds for over 20 years (in three different locations) and think using wine bottle for edging is insane. Once they break, and they will---from rocks, kids, animals, weather effects, and gardening tools----there is going to be a mess to clean up. If they shatter sufficiently, you will never get the shards completely out of the soil. Also, the soil pushes out as it is planted and watered, so you will end up with movement of the bottle and soil spilling out of the raised bed. I believe in recycling, but this is foolish.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING post. Where do I begin?!

Jim McKenna does a beautiful job of tackling the breast feeding discussion in his class at Notre Dame.

Not as important (but still awesome): I can't wait any longer for Moonrise Kingdom!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this and thought it might interest you:

Thanks for a great blog :)