Friday, April 6, 2012

What I'm Digging

Happy Friday, friends! This has been a good week around here. Lots of new, fun, exciting writing and other projects are in the works. We've also had (as it's said around here) a "mess" of rain, which I always gladly welcome (as will Huxley-he's mad about mud puddles, yelling both "fast" and "run" as he gallops through them!).

Here's a smattering of this's and that's that caught my attention this week:
*Wheat grass monograms-such an easy, fun, all-natural crafting idea.
*Adorable, sturdy kitchenware for the littles (thanks to Amanda for the tip).
*Kim's "Locally Known" farm photo series is stunning!
*Here's what you can do with any leftover 2011 fruit preserves.
*Eggs, eggs, and mo' eggs.
*Been enjoying Alana's blog (and just ordered her upcoming book, too!)
*Homemade citrus liqueurs! And limoncello, too!
*If Camille can make challah in an outdoor grill, so can you.
*I'm making hot cross buns this weekend. Still deciding between these and these.
*Great tutorial on how to break down a whole chicken.

Two books in my Homemade Living series received some love this week. Kitchen retailer Williams-Sonoma debuted their Agrarian line, and included my book Keeping Chickens in the mix. Also, Epicurious contributing writer Megan Steintrager included tips from me (and my Home Dairy book) in her post on making homemade yogurt.

I'm excited to meet up with my editor and buddy Nicole for a cocktail later today (we're going to The Junction-have you been? Nicole loves it). Jenny is coming over tomorrow to chat about bees (we're making splits from my abundant hives!) and otherwise catch up. Sunday will have us spending time with family and seeing if Huxley gets the whole "hide eggs in the yard and go find them" scenario.

Wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, whomever you do it with, may it be grand! 


El Gaucho said...

It looks like Huxley might need to be repotted to a larger container pretty soon, he's bursting out of that one!

naturally crafted mama said...

congrats on the williams sonoma deal!! thanks for sharing the wheatgrass link, great idea!

SouthernGirl said...

I was just browsing the Agrarian line from Williams Sonoma yesterday and noticed your book in the collection. Congratulations! It is a wonderful book. (It's on my shelf right now!)

Unknown said...

Congrats on Williams Sonoma selling your book! They are a tad, hem, overpriced but I'm glad they're educating the wealthy folks!

Unknown said...

also, congrats!!

p.s. in love with the photography link.