Friday, May 4, 2012

What I'm Digging

Happy Friday, friends! We've been working hard in the garden this week, getting all sorts of goodies planted and watered and gloriously growing. So wonderful to see it all flourishing. I'll take some photos of different planters we've built out there recently and share them with you soon.

A gaggle of friends is due out here tomorrow evening, to make tacos and drink libations and play with our collective kiddos together. It should be a good time!

Here's a smattering of things that caught my eye and sparked my interest this week: 
*Love this simple to build greenhouse
*Strawberry coconut milk popsicles!
*Making homemaking legit (with a quote from yours truly).
*6 riffs on the Mint Julep.
*DIY decor gone green.
*Chicks in the city.
*These color palettes are exquisite (Love the nature-inspired ones, especially).
*Even more reasons to love asparagus (it's prime time for the stalks, folks). 
*Strawberry freezer jam (made with honey & white grape juice!).
*Our roses just bloomed and I'm thinking of giving this a go.

We're off to the annual Asheville Herb Festival in a bit. Locals, you should definitely check it out. We've got most of the culinary and medicinal herbs we want, but one thing we're on the hunt for this year is sorrel. We want to plant a good bit of it so that we can pick that lemony goodness again and again!

Wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, whomever you do it with, may it be grand!


Neo-Homesteading said...

I bought silicone push up molds for pops, my kids love them! Regular homemade yogurt doesn't seem to be fatty enough, they kind of stick. I bet coconut milk would work well!

Anonymous said...

I really like the tone of that homemaking article. IMO real feminism is the freedom to choose the life you really want to live, whether that be in the workplace, at home, or a mix of both.

Ellen said...

What do you do with sorrel? I have one clump I just divided, which it seems fine about. I hadn't realized it was a perennial so planted it in my regular veg garden.

El Gaucho said...

Yay for asparagus season indeed!!

Jennifer Schmidt said...

Thanks for sharing. That article was fantastic, such a beautiful summation of what is going on today.