Friday, May 6, 2011

The First Taste

This week saw a series of "firsts" for our little Peanut Sauce. That cough he had last Friday? Well, it turned into his first full-on cold. It was pretty rough going Saturday morning through Wednesday, but he's definitely on the mend now. He's had lots of snuggles, and numerous warm, steamy baths while the essential oil diffuser gently emits eucalyptus oil. He's had the humidifier going and extra layers of clothing on. He's had my full, unwavering attention, and demanded to be almost continually in my arms. As such, this mama is tuckered out!

Also, he sat up, fully unassisted, for the first time. He's now sitting up without aid all the time, which is just amazing to me, considering what a helpless, tiny munckin' he used to be! Of course, he still tumbles over, but when he's up, he's really up, finding his center of gravity and learning how to manipulate his body weight to remain upright. Crawling is definitely on the horizon!

Finally, he had his first food! Last year, we planted a Seminole Pumpkin start from our friends Beth and Christopher's Red Wing Farm. While most of the pumpkins were consumed, I over-wintered one of them, not intending it to be Huxley's first food, but realizing it made an ideal choice. This particular variety of pumpkin is indigenous to the Americas. I halved it, removed the seeds, roasted it, pureed it, and then let him go to town. While he wasn't what I'd call an instant fan, as the photos above indicate, he had fun exploring and sampling and making a general mess of things.

I love that his first form of solid nourishment was an heirloom vegetable, started with love from our friends, nurtured into maturity in our garden, and then stored in our home until the proper time. This whole business of feeding him is so exciting! Food is such a central part of what his father and I focus on in our work and hobbies, and engendering a love of and appreciation for whole foods in Huxley is so important to us.

So, it was a big week, on so many levels. We're off to the tailgate market in the morning, on the prowl for more locally grown foods for the little guy. Sunday we'll be having my mom and grandmother over for our first collective Mother's Day! It's still so new and fresh to me to be a mother. I keep finding myself shaking my head in incredulity and amazement that I'm someone's "mom." That I get to have that sort of influence, and responsibility, over the direction of someone's life.

I'm so thankful Hubs and I have Huxley in our lives. He makes the days better, and nights brighter, and the "firsts" that much more amazing.


Kimberlie Ott said...

I really love that you made Hux's first food! That is such a beautiful thing, it is so simple and good for them. If only more mamas knew how easy it truly is :) great job, adoreable babe, Happy first mama's Day!

Melanie J. said...

Those pictures! Beautiful is too small a word!

Jennifer said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Genevieve Mama Natural said...

It is wild to think of ourselves as moms, right? Suddenly, I feel proud, excited, part of the "Mom club" and, well, OLD! LOL! It's all good though :).

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Ashley,

Just checking in and this is the first real photo I have had a chance to see of Huxley! Oh what a real doll! He is just beautiful! Happy late Mother's Day...I hope you enjoyed it. I wish I could just squeeze him (in a good way).

Big hug,
Elizabeth (from St. Louis)

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What a cute baby. Great photos. Great face! It's really funny just to watch at his expressions.

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Kids are incredible. What great pictures.