Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Go To the Hop

Huxley and I will be attending what promises to be an incredible music show this Wednesday. Orlando-based Rabbit will be playing at The Hop on Merrimon Ave.. My imminently talented and exquisitely lovely friend Jen Altman worked hard to make this show happen, so, if you're free, let's convene, eat ice cream, get our music on, and show Rabbit some support!

P.S. Did I mention that the show is free? And that there's wickedly delicious ice cream there? And that it's early in the evening, so even kiddos like mine can attend? See you there!!!


Anita said...

Sounds like so much fun and I so wish I could go!

amanda said...

hmmmm~ may have to bring my 18 month old out for an ice cream dinner on Wednesday. (we went there for lunch last week...) I got to try that Bombay Blast you raved about at the Sourwood Festival this weekend when they were in my neck of the woods. YUM. YUM.

jen said...

ooh, I've been wanting to try The Hop. Live music and ice cream? What's not to love? See you there!:)