Friday, January 13, 2012

What I'm Digging

Happy Friday, friends! My sisters are visiting from Florida, so we've been doing lots of sisterly things, like playing Rummikub, chatting by the wood stove, sipping hard cider, and giggling, lots and lots of giggling (especially after watching this video-and this clip, too). 

Here's a smattering of this's and that's that tempted my tastebuds, dazzled my vision, and pleased my ears! 

*These dominoes are beautiful (via honey kennedy).
*I made this the other day and you should, too (we used Honey Crisps instead of Grannies, tho).
*Garden tools for the ladies!!!
*Baker Creek's catalouge is exquisite.
*Now this is my kind of garden shed. 
*Tree hotels (via 101 Cookbooks)!!!
*Intrigued by this magazine.
*Cards and calenders rendered from photos of tree bark.
*Loving all the wood in this house (via Door Sixteen).
*The sisters and I have been listening to this on repeat (this version, too).

We're headed downtown in a bit, to nosh on ciders and burgers here and then get our chocolate fix here. After that, we're meeting friends for bowling. YES! 

Wherever you go, whatever you do, may it be grand!


kathy cooper said...

love that garden shed, and that video was great! thank you for sharing. I love you tube, you can see great things on there. oh that black and jewish was great too!

Heather said...

So many awesome things!! That seed catalogue honestly made me feel a little giddy. And the apple dessert...yum. I love your Friday posts! (ps -- I just ordered your beekeeping book -- can't wait!)

Michele said...

whoa i got way into that goyte song for awhile.

so catchy.

Shuler said...

I want to live in that shed!! Beautiful!

Gina said...

Oh, I've been digging both versions of the Gotye song too!

Sounds like you're having a great time.

elisa said...

ashley, you've just made me miss my sisters very much! sounds like you've got brilliant plans. i love days with family when it's all playing and eating x

Apseed said...

Oh... I like Sharlotka, it's a taste of childhood for me.

BAE said...

Oh my goodness, we went to Jack of the Wood while wandering A'ville during our post-Christmas visit to our daughter, and also found ourselves lured into French Broad---my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE that town!

Lori Grzybowski, Editor said...

Hey, Ashley, we here at Country Woman magazine are intrigued by you & Small Measure, too! Thanks for the shout-out, and happy reading.