Monday, May 31, 2010

Every Day

Every day should begin with hot air balloons cresting the ridge next to my house. They should then progress into strawberry cake walks for noble causes, transition into birthday parties for one year olds (lucky enough to have such talented and crafty mommas), and culminate with impromptu thai food dinner parties lovingly cooked by splendid husbands (like my G.) for eight friends and their collective 4 children. That's how my Saturday went and it was magnificent.

Yup. It's decided. Every day should proceed accordingly.


Gary Wischmeyer said...

Amen to that!

ALFIE said...

sounds like the perfect day!!

Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

I am from Canada and am part of Slow Food Toronto, we are starting to organize some bake sales and street festivals. I love the idea of fundraising for a great cause. Right now we are fundraising for the delegates (which I was nominated as one!) to attend Terre Madre in Torrino,Italy. So exciting! It is nice to see that Slow Food has a presence in the well. Great Blog!

Shine Little Light* said...

Perfection! How wonderful!
ps. Ive been reading for a while now, I found you via designsponge, your post is my favourite. I admire and envy your lifestyle and I am aiming for something similar one day! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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