Friday, March 4, 2011

Naturally Flavored Coffee

Happy Friday, all! My "Small Measures with Ashley" post is up over at Design Sponge. Today I'm sharing my tips for creating naturally flavored coffee. It's easier than you can imagine and delicious beyond compare.

Huxley, Hubs and I are headed out today to my mom's place up in Burnsville. The ride, which takes an hour each direction, will be the longest the littlest dude has ridden in a car (which is SO not his favorite thing to do). So, fingers crossed that he falls asleep so we can all enjoy the ride and arrive with our sanity intact!

Tomorrow we're headed over to Short Street Cakes to help Jodi and her crew of cake ladies celebrate the shop's two-year anniversary. After that it's on to have Indian food with some dear friends and then go stationary shopping so that I can pen some long overdue thank-you notes for gifts given to Huxley.

Sunday calls for rain, which is fine by me. I want to work in his room upstairs, sprucing it and the office up. He still sleeps with us, and probably will for some time. Still, I'm starting to feel it's time to get his room together (I'd planned on doing it before he was born, but the pre-eclampsia coupled with an intensely hot summer foiled everything!).

Oh, and YOU PEOPLE! You people, with your goats, and your bees, and your seeds, and your gardens, and your knitting and canning and freezing and cheese-making and more are AMAZING! It's been fabulous reading all of your comments on the giveaway contest. What a fantastically industrious, enterprising, inspiring bunch you are, full of vim, vigor, and sass. I love it! Thanks for being part of my community of homesteaders (urban or otherwise...). Big love to you all!

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Morgan G said...

Oh crap. Suddenly my morning cup o' joe seems so inadequate. At least it's in a Wonder Woman mug. Seriously.