Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Room With A View

This is the wintertime view from Huxley's bedroom. I like thinking of him a bit older, hanging out in his room, doing what boys do, all the while keeping close watch over the chickens, and pining for warmer weather when we can all gather in the garden and toil in the soil.


jenny said...

I see a treehouse in his future, too!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view! You have an amazing gift for your little boy. I always thank my parents for giving me such a magical childhood of being raised on a small farm in rural southern Indiana.
Just purchased your book at our local Tractor Supply. I have many chicken books and have raised them myself but I must say the illustrations and your dyeing, and cooking info caught my eye, plus it is a LARK book and you can't go wrong with a LARK! Can't wait to get your canning book. I would purchase your home dairying but I am lactose intolerant :-).
You live in an amazing part of the country. I love Asheville! Do you go to the Early Girl? One of my favorite foodie places! Plus you live near John C Campbell, oh my!!!