Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Called Gratitude

Hello all! Glad to be back! I was at my mom's house for the good part of this week, helping her as she recovered from her second knee surgery. She only has dial-up internet connectivity, which is murder when you're trying to get internet-based writing done. I headed out to the adorable, super-friendly, free-trade/organic-coffee-serving coffee shop in her tiny mountain town of Burnsville, NC to write up my Small Measures with Ashley post that is up today over at Design Sponge. It's about expressing and practicing gratitude, something I try to keep ever-present in my thoughts. It's easy to be grateful for the good things that come down the pipe in life. It's harder to be appreciative of the challenges-the driver who cuts you off, the mean person working at the deli you frequent, the terse nurse at the hospital. I once read a bumper sticker that read "Bless them, change me." Words to live by. Have a lovely weekend! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your Small Measures posts on design sponge. They are fun to read (love all your stories!) and very inspirational. I saw you included an image of one of my note cards in your post on gratitude, and I wanted to say a huge "thank you" to you!! :) Now I'm off to explore your blog in more depth. Congrats also on your Homemade Living book series!