Friday, November 6, 2009

Moved By the Spirit

Hi everyone! My post on "Getting In the Spirit: Domestic Liquor" is up over at Design Sponge. Come find me over there and tell me your favorite homegrown (or homespun) libation! 

I wanted to send a big, hearty WELCOME and a digital hug to all of the new readers. So glad to have you on board. Also, I've wanted to apologize for the short and/or scanty postings lately. The deadline on my 3rd book in the "Homemade Living" series, "Home Dairy," is this coming Monday. It's been nothing short of dairy madness around the English casa over the past few weeks. My refrigerator is bursting at the seams with 7 types of cheese, while two hard rounds are aging in the basement, with 3 more to come over the weekend! 

Once that settles down, and my mom has her second knee replacement surgery on Monday, I should have a bit of breathing room, albeit short-lived. The writing of the 4th book, "Keeping Bees", commences shortly after that. I love it, though, all the writing, all the cooking and stirring and planning and thinking. Winter is actually an exceptionally good time to pen a book, in my opinion. There's little to do outside, a grand husband who lovingly cooks meals of a divine nature for me and gives my tense shoulders a good rub, a cozy wood stove to write in front of, lots of warm creatures vying for my lap, and hot tea to warm the soul (and fingers!). 

I hope your weekend is filled with all of your favorite things. Mine will be defined by fromage! Oh, and don't forget, you can also find me on Twitter

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