Monday, September 6, 2010

Friends With Benefits

Being friends with a professional, dairy goat-owning cheesemaker definitely has its advantages. Witness here Denise's bocconcini balls, blueberry buckle with ricotta, and aged chevre with juniper berries and herbs, graciously gifted to us when she, her husband Josh and adorable 2 year-old daughter Elora stopped over this weekend.

Its taken every ounce of resolve I possess to photograph these delicacies before devouring them. Thank God that's over with.

Have mercy.


Liane said...

that all looks delish. i want dairy goats someday. and your cheeky post title totally made me look.

shine little light* said...

Ohhhh superb! Now where do I get me one of those friends??!

Eileen said...

oh man, do I ever seriously want some of that mozzarella! so exciting!