Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just A Little Patience

Last week, I shared some of Hub's artwork with you. The warm response it received made me elect to share a bit more. Just a reminder that these were all crafted by hand. BY HAND! It amazes me still, every time I look at them...

Striving to achieve a "Homemade Living" as we do involves more, at least for the two of us, then just chickens, canning, bees, and the like. It means creativity and artistic ingenuity. It also means patience, perseverance, and deliberation. Glenn is the poster child for these things. He's got more patience in his pinkie finger than I've got in my entire body, and that's saying something because, aside from when I'm ravenously hungry, I'm a pretty patient, delayed gratification sort of gal.

When the cats are screaming at us because it's 7 a.m. and they want their breakfast NOW, it barely phases him. When everyone else is all aflutter to make some hasty decision, he's weighing, patiently, all the possible outcomes and scenarios before acting. This is clearly evidenced in his art work. He'll be a splendid Papa to wee Nugget on account of this.

When I was little, my mom had my brother and I repeat a call-and-return series of words related to patience. It went:
Mom: What is patience?
Me and my brother: A virtue.
Mom: And what is a virtue?
Us: A virtue is "good."
Mom: So what are you going to be?
Us: Good.

I hated saying that little aphorism when I was young. I fully see the merit of it now, though. A well-lived life, a deeply satisfying "Homemade Living" sort of life, takes patience. It takes steadfastness. It takes clearheadedness. It takes commitment. Glenn's got all of that in spades.


ALFIE said...

you two sure make a talented couple. that art is awesome :)

Christine said...

i can't believe these were done by hand! they are so incredible.

Unknown said...

These designs are so beaufiful! The colors and varieations are awesome!!! Way to go Glenn!!! Dianne

Jen said...

I could have used some of his patience this week! I burned a little of dinner, then dropped the un-burned bit cheese-side down, and yelled, um, impatient four-letter words.

It is good to be reminded there are others who stay much calmer in a crisis :)

EcoGrrl said...

what a sweet love letter to your hubby. i am so excited for the two of you and your family :)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

I have to ask, are they on canvas? Done in ink? I just am in so in love with these and they are so not what I would usually love. How large are they? Can Glenn take a photo of the finished product hanging on a wall? I am curious to see them hung. I am just so fascinated by these...does he have these in a gallery? I am new to your blog - so maybe all these answers are already somewhere in your blog - so I will hunt. But please tell Glenn he has a new fan!


Rebecca (Nancy's mom) said...

"When everyone else is all aflutter to make some hasty decision, he's weighing, patiently, all the possible outcomes and scenarios before acting. " This is Dwayne. They must meet one day :) They belong to a rare fraternity. (re: art, not only done by hand, but in ink -- no corrections, like calligraphy. Amazing!)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Okay, I just went back to look at them again - and I have to really encourage you to get these out to the public in some way. These are just incredible!