Monday, September 6, 2010

Ode to the -er's

We're entering into what I believe are the annual fab four-those months ending in -er. The stretch from September through December really gets my blood pumping, my inspiration flowing, my energy levels soaring. While the heat and humidity of summer make me languid and lazy, the -er's make me, well, jazzed.

It's funny that I'm in the final 8 weeks of my pregnancy and yet I feel the best I've felt in months. Must be the crisp mornings, the welcome sight of plaid flannel shirts back into rotation, and all the apples I've been munching on.

-er's, I love you. Thank you for your falling leaves and vibrant skies. Thank you for your massive pumpkins, floral pears, and apple cider. Thank you for your family gatherings and gift exchanges and love in the air. Thank you for your striped knee socks and happier dogs and cozy kittens. Thank you for your foggy mornings and sweater-clad, under-the-comforter nights. Thank you for bringing us our Nugget.

The four photos above are from past -er's, chez English. September is on bottom, moving upwards through the months until we meet old man Winter, taken in the wee hours of last December 19th's massive snow storm.

*Clarification-the apple tree image is from Sky Top Orchard, while the others are from our stomping grounds.


claudine said...

Most Canadians cling to summer - but I feel exactly the way you do... bring on October! I still think of September as the beginning of a new year and a fresh start 20 years after school. Can't wait to pick apples.

Jen said...

Agreed! Tomorrow is supposed to be 88, but the chill has been in the air the last few evenings. Woohoo!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

These coming months are my favorite too. I just LOVE all that you described. I call it my soup making weather. (Although I make soup all winter). And for some reason, I light more candles.

Love the photos,

Native Gardener said...

Nothing more wonderful than walking in a forest with leaves turning color, the air a bit crisp. And knowing the TOO hot days have passed.

katiegirl said...

I love this post. I love fall!!

Christine said...

Amen to plaid flannel, apple cider and striped knee socks!

Jenna Woginrich said...

i heart october. great post, ash!