Sunday, September 19, 2010

GiGi Loves Nugget

That's an "It's A Boy!" banner billowing in the wind.
The view to the left of mom's hillside-situated house.
The spread.
Hay 'a plenty to the right.

The shower Mom (aka "GiGi", her chosen grandma name) threw for Nugget yesterday was unbelievably touching. Her friends, many of whom I hardly know, showed up to celebrate her new role as a grandmother (twice this year!), offering their time, resources, and labor to pull off a truly lovely event.

We played silly games (can you, off the top of your head, name all five Huxtable kids AND all six Brady kids AND both Jetsons kids?), ate scumpious eats, sipped bubbly libations, opened some dear gifts, and feasted on a fantastic lemon cake, lovingly made from scratch by Mom's friend Desiree's oldest daughter. It was grand.

Afterwards, we lingered on the front porch, taking in the scenery and enjoying the light breeze. We then, as promised, pillaged Mom's apple tree, making off with a sweet haul. She festooned everyone with parting goodie bags, filled with bottles of bubbles, body care products, sweet treats, and scented candles.

It meant the world to us. Our little man is coming into a life filled with a very far-reaching circle of love. Thank you, Gigi, and thank you, Gigi's friends.

*To see more images of Mom's house, and the shower, go here.


shutterbean said...

I love hearing grandma's chosen grandma names! Gigi is perfect!

My friend's mom is called GG (for grabby grandma!)

My mom is nana and my mother in law is nini! What a beautiful spread!

afreckledlip said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy!

ashley english said...

a freckled lip-nugget's not here yet! we've got 6 weeks to go, come tuesday. a former co-worker threw us a shower last weekend, and my mom threw one this weekend. next week will be our own soiree, thrown at at our home. we're getting geared up!